About Spiraling Out (and In)

What do I mean by spiraling out? Spiraling out denotes movement, movement in an outward direction. Spiraling out does not necessarily mean spiraling out of control. When I talk about spiraling out I am not just talking about spiraling out; for when we spiral out we are also spiraling inward. The spiraling out in the context of this blog is about expanding ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

My hope is that this blog will not only help me to spiral out, leading me to look at myself and how I relate to the world, but hopefully help others to do the same. Spiraling out in the context of this blog is all about taking risks, developing parts of ourselves that have laid dormant or stagnant, connecting more to the world around us and allowing ourselves become more of who we are.

The more we become connected to the world around us the more likely we are to have new experiences, which might be physical as in going someplace new.  Or it might be a new idea or a different way of looking at things which could stimulate us mentally, emotionally or spiritually. When we have new experiences we make judgments as to how that experience affects us. Was it positive, negative or neutral? That judgment is an active spiraling in. If that experience was positive that adds a new facet to our life, something we would like to incorporate into our life.  If it is negative, it is still spiraling in, for we take that as being something that is not right for us.  At least not at this time and place.  In the case of a neutral experience it is neither here nor there at this point.  But it may influence a future experience.

To spiral out without spiraling in is near impossible, because all things we do or think makes us respond in one way or another.  There are times when we are spiraling out more than spiraling in.  Which in effect is having the experiences without acknowledging how it affects us.  But at some point in time, we have to spiral in to assimilate those experiences.  Taking risks is a good example of this.  When we take a risk, as in getting out of our comfort zone, we are spiraling out.  But at some point we have to look at that risk and see if it was positive, negative or neutral.  It could even be a combination of those, where parts of the experience were positive and some negative or neutral.  The spiraling in part of spiraling out is the sorting out of those things.

As I write this blog, I am going to take risks. This blog is one of those risks.  I will share my experiences with you and hope you will do the same.  I have never blogged.  I haven’t even followed someone else’s blog.  So this is a new experience for me.  To put myself out in the world and let the world know what I am doing and thinking is a big step for me. It’s a bit like being naked in front of an audience.

Friends have told me for years they enjoy my writing and I have sort of just let that be.  But one of my first experiments on here was to write seven short stories in seven days.  You can find them listed on the
right side of this page under “Categories” and “My Grand Experiment”.  As of writing this opening page that is part one.  I have opened myself up for critiques, comments and whatever people have to say.  The second part of this experiment is to take one of those stories and write seven more stories in seven days based on one of those stories.  I am realizing that part of my spiraling out is to push myself and by putting these things on this blog, I have notified the world of my intentions.  Whether I actually manage to do as I say or not, and those will be reflected and discussed here.

Just a quick note here on navigating through this blog.  On the right hand of the page is a sidebar.  At the top is Recent Posts, they are in order from newest to oldest.  Below that are comments people have made.  Further down are the Categories.  Right now there are only four.  Learning to Spiral Out are my thoughts, comments and experiences as I work to Spiral Out.  My Grand Experiment was mentioned above.  Short Stories are not only those that are part of My Grand Experiment, but on occasion I have written them in response to a comment or thought as I write this blog and not necessarily part of My Grand Experiment.  Finally is the uncategorized, which are just things I’m not sure where to place just yet.

I hope that you will Spiral Out (and Spiral In) with me and work on connecting with the world around you in a more positive mental, emotional, physical and spiritual way.  Through Spiraling Out and Spiraling In we open ourselves up for all kinds of new experiences.

SPIRAL OUT!!!!!!  (AND IN!!!)



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