Riding the Spiral

When we spiral out we should also spiral in.  The more we expand our horizons, have new experiences, meet new people and open ourselves up to new possibilities and thoughts (spiraling out) the more we look inward at ourselves (spiraling in).  This multiplicity is what I would call “Riding the Spiral”.  As long as we keep an open mind to new experiences and ideas the more we expand our consciousness and see how we are truly connected to all things and when we use those experiences and ideas to look at our own lives and attitudes we are “Riding the Spiral”.  Remember that a spiral contains more than a single line (in a simple spiral) which represents our spiraling out, but the other part of the spiral is the negative space between the line that we call the spiral and that negative space is the spiraling in.  The more you spiral out the more negative space in that spiraling so that means more spiraling in.

In “Riding the Spiral”, as in all things, there is a balance.  To spiral out without spiraling in negates our taking those experiences and using them to make ourselves a better person.  Conversely, to spiral in without spiraling out leads to becoming insular and/or narrow minded.  It takes both spiraling out and spiraling in to truly grow.  Spiraling out is the act of taking that step out of our safety zone and having new experiences. Spiraling in is the act of self examination and taking action on those areas we wish to change.

As a more visual interpretation, think of a tight spiral where there is very little negative space.  This implies more spiraling out and little introspection about what is being learned.

tight spiral

On the other hand, a very open spiral would be one where there is very little spiraling out and considerably more self evaluation.

Open spiral

The trick is to find the spiral that works best for you to keep the balance you need at any particular time.  Spiraling is not static.  Sometimes we need more spiraling out energy and sometimes we need more spiraling in energy.

balanced spiral

Spiraling out can be eye opening and life changing.  It can be as simple as making new friends or as dramatic as shaking the very core of our belief system.  Usually it is somewhere in between.  If we feel it is getting to be too much, then it might be time to spend more time spiraling in for a while.  Growth is all about taking what we experience and learn and applying it to our own lives and beliefs.

What does your spiral look like right now?   What do you want it to look like?  Only you can answer those questions.

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